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that toot on his chest. we tell him about what's going on in waco, texas? >> what's described he's a preacher from texas. made a rule that no one at my church can wear weaves. this is kind of weird, right? >> yeah, a lot of members and that's a lot of women out there that like that little extra oomph in their hair. >> are you serious? >> dead serious. he made a really good point. he said they're struggling financially and here spending $300 on weaves. >> but it's not just financial. he said wearing weaves creates a false image and women who wear them often have slow self-esteem. >> this guy is awesome. here's his ear quote. long hair, don't care. what kind of mess is that? i don't want my members focused on that what's on their heads, not in their heads. >> we better hope this guy is black. [laughter] >> i read it like because it's the rhyming. [laughter] >> hey, my man, thank you, man. take care. >> yep. >> hey, what's honey boo boo up to? we ain't seen her for so long. look here she's playing bingo with some ladies who have dogs. it's honey boo boo's first drag show, y'all! >>
gallego, a new democratic member from texas still getting used to that unusual dynamic. >> if you walk in every day and you tell your spouse, "i don't care who your opinion is we're going to do it my way every day, because i'm always right," then your marriage doesn't last very long. it's not much of a marriage. >> reporter: you could say this political marriage is on the rocks. not only does congress have enormous difficulty tackling important challenges like jobs or entitlement reform but it's even struggling, bob, to perform basic duties, like funding the government which is needs to do by next month. >> schieffer: okay, nancy, well, thank you so much. upbeat reports about the economy sent the major stock indexes to an all-time high today. the dow gained 128 points to close at 5,628. that's the 29th record high of the year, and the s&p 500 closed above 1700 for the first time ever. there are more cases of a nasty bug, but the source remains a mystery. your grocery bill is going up because of what's happening down on the farm, and a hungry bear gets some takeout food when the cbs eve
's being goveed by some of the younger tea party-backed republicans like texas senator ted cruz, florida's marco rubio. oe irony here is the president's reaction today puts him on exactly same pace with mitt romney and paul ryan and scores of republicans who think it's not just a bad idea but a really dumb one as the very conservative south carolina vanator richard burr put it. sensing the expected backlash, some republicans have even called it suicidal. as romney said, after shutting down the government, what would come next when soldiers aren't paid, when seniors fear for endicare and social security and then the f.b.i. goes off duty. the people of the nation would not be happy, unquote. cruz and rubio may actually press on this with this plan. not many around here think they can possibly succeed but the siesident obviously saw this as an opportunity to give the opposition a good swift kick and as he headed off on vacation, he seemed just delighted to do just that. >> glor: bob schieffer, we'll see you on sunday. and on sunday on "face the nation" bob's guest include peter king from th
, or three hours away in houston, texas. the v.a. asked congress for funds to replace the r.v. with this full-service clinic, but the money was blocked. >> the veterans are being put on the back burner for lack of a better term, for political reasons. >> reporter: the lake charles clinic is one of 27 v.a. facilities nationwide that congress has put on hold because of a disagreement over accounting. typically, the v.a. rents clinic space from developers and congress pays the bill every year. but last fall the congressional budget office studied the v.a.'s rental agreements for the first time and concluded the clinics were government purchases, not rentals. that ruling meant the v.a. had to count 20 years worth of lease payments against this year's budget alone. the ruling was a budget-buster and forced the v.a. to stop the clinics. congressman charles boustany of louisiana represents lake charles. do you agree with that ruling? >> i vehemently disagree with that. >> reporter: boustany says the clinics are clearly rentals. not building them, he says, delays medical care for more than. 13,000 ve
are being suspended without pay for 50 games, including all-stars nelson cruz of the texas rangers and johnny peralta of the detroit tigers. but the harshest penalty is going to alex rodriguez of the d w york yankees, baseball's highest-paid player is being suspended without pay for a record 211 games. the game has not seen punishment of this scope since the black sox scandal nearly a century nigh don dahler is in chicago where rodriguez and the yankees are playing the white sox tonight. don? >> reporter: mellow, maurice, alex rodriguez has missed most of this season trying to rehab an injury. tonight, weather permitting, he will bat fourth and play third base. but his return to major league baseball may be for a limited time only. >> the last seven months have ben a nightmare. it's been -- you know, probably the worst time of my life for sure. ac reporter: alex rodriguez now stands alone among the 13 players accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. but what we've always fought for is for the process and i think we have that. and at some point we'll sit in front of an arbiter
is at fort hood, texas. anna? >> reporter: norah, for many of the witnesses here this is the first time they're confronting the man accused of trying to kill them. witnesses described chaos as the gunman walked through the building leaving blood and bodies in his wake. specialist meagan martinez described watching a soldier sitting near her get shot as the gunman showed no emotion. "it was just a cold, calculated heart stare at us and he was just shooting everything that moved," she testified. "when a captain got up and charged him" she said "he was shot at close range." major hasan took note bus mostly looked forward impassively. he is in a wheelchair, paralyzed by bullets fired at him by fort hood security. staff sergeant michael davis testified at first he thought the shooting was a drill, then, he said "i heard a young lady screaming my baby, my baby, my baby." it was the pregnant private francesca valez, she died that day. davis himself was shot in the back trying to escape the only time hasan objected today was when another witness described hearing that pregnant woman beg for her life
in the middle of the west texas desert it almost looks like a mirage. like a man in a white polo shirt with maybe a seven-iron? talk about off course! >> that was center. >> reporter: we found 24-year-old law student luke bielawski miles from the nearest fairway hitting shot after shot toward the eastern horizon. how many strokes so far. >> about 16,000 and change. >> reporter: what have you calculated par? >> i estimated 48,000 based off of a feasibility study i did in indiana. >> reporter: obviously this is al ordinary golf hall. this may be the world's longest golf hole. stretching from "t" to shining tee. luke began golfing across the country in may at the pacific ocean. >> that's a good bounce. >> reporter: the purpose is partly to raise money for charity and partly just to see if it can be done. it hasn't been easy. he's had bad lies on railroad ties and one right smack under a tank. luke has hit a lot of stuff. although fortunately not any people-- at least he hadn't by the time i first met him in june. he estimates it will take him another three months and 30,000 strokes to hit
at a texas cancer center. the vice president's office gave no details of the procedure but said it was successful. beau biden, who is 44, will be going home tomorrow to delaware, where he is the state attorney general. we'll hear president nixon secretly recorded conversations with a future president. we'll show you the western fires from space. and american workers stuck on the treadmill. why it's so hard to get ahead. when the "cbs evening news" continues. changes in body hair clude or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and women who are or may become pregnant or are breast-feeding, should not use androgel. serious side effects include worsening of an enlarged prostate, possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood
hood, texas. anna werner is there. anna? >> reporter: bob, the jury deliberated for about three hours. they then came back a short while ago with a couple of questions, including rereading a witness's testimony. then, they recessed for the day. earlier today, they heard closing arguments, but it was only one closing argument-- from the prosecutor. nothing at all from major hasan himself. prosecutor steve henricks told the jury they should convict hasan, who, he said, came to believe he had a jihad duty to kill soldiers, choosing for his personal kill zone an area of a medical building packed with 45 soldiers. the trial has featured graphic testimony from survivors of the massacre. jurors watched an fbi videotape of blood and bodies left throughout the medical building. more than one recounted hearing the pregnant private francesca velez say "my baby, my baby," just before she was shot in the back and killed. hasan acted as his own attorney, but he did not testify or call witnesses. in his opening statement, he admitted "i am the shooter." during a hearing this week, hasan said he had
. >> schieffer: holly williams. thanks, holly. at fort hood, texas, today, a military injury convicted major nidal hasan of the massacre that left 13 soldiers dead and more than 30 others wounded. the murder verdict was unanimous which means hasan could get the death penalty. anna werner is at fort hood. >> reporter: major nidal hasan looked up at the jury foreman as she read out the decision. the jury voted unanimously that he was guilty on 13 counts of pre-meditated murder and also guilty of 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. over 13 days, prosecutors laid out a detailed case to convince the jury that hasan came to believe he had a jihad duty to kill soldiers and then carried out a plan to do just that. they showed evidence hasan trained for months at a shooting then hid two guns and 420 rounds of ammunition in his army fatigues then went to a medical building where members of his own unit were prepareing to deploy. witnesses told of a scene of terror and chaos as hasan opened fire on a group of 45 unarmed soldiers. they listened as a pregnant soldier-- private francesca velez-- b
, thanks very much. in texas today, a military jury sentenced army major nidal hasan to death for the deadliest terror attack in the united states since 9/11. the 2009 massacre at fort hood. hasan showed no emotion at the jury's verdict. he shot 13 fellow solders to death and wounded more than 30 others. acting as his own attorney, hasan confessed and offered no defense. he said that he was motivated to protect muslims who were fighting the united states in iraq and afghanistan. scientists identify a major cause of memory loss in seniors. the ferocious fire in yosemite chokes the sky over reno. and we'll talk to three icons of the civil rights movement about dr. king's dream when the "cbs evening news" continues. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensureĀ®. nutrition in chargeā„¢. [ crisp crunches ] [ rumbling ] [ crisp crunches ] whoo-hoo-hoo! guess it was. [ male announcer ] pringles, bursting with more flavor. wha
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)